Jarle started flyfishing at the age of 14, mostly fishing for seatrout in Norway and on the Swedish west coast combined with dry fly fishing after trout. For Jarle fishing in running water soon became his big passion. At a young age he also did some salmon fishing, but its was later on he got hooked on flyfishing after salmon. Even though he still is out fishing after those big trout’s in Hemsil with a dry fly.

Jarle entered the scene of competition casting in the early 2000’s, and he found out this was his mission. He is a Norwegian champion in practical flyfishing, both individually and for teams.  He is also a Norwegian champion in trout distance, and has medals from the world championship in precision casting.

Speycasting was something that caught Jarle’s full attention some years ago. All his focus is now set on 15` and 18` speycasting, and this is where you will find Jarle competing. In 2022 his major goal is the world championship. Jarle holds the record for the longest combined result in the world with a 15` with a total of 123 metres.

Jarle Strandberg CND Rods