Arne is a fly fisherman who should be well known for the serious salmon anglers.

He started with salmon fishing with a double hander back in 1991 and has been fishing with longer rods since then. Arne has been involved with different brands in the business since then and has followed the development of both modern shooting heads and spey rods. In 2003 he received his certification as a professional speycasting instructor.

For 20 years he fished with lines and rods from other distributors, but after fishing with CND and Nextcast everything else was just not the same. He says he feels lucky to have been in the loop with the development of the new Gravity series and looks forward to an exciting future with CND.

Arne also mentions he has been lucky and caught some really big salmons, with his record fish from Alta which was 131 cm and weighed in at incredible 24,1 kg.