CND Gravity Competition Rods

Gravity Competition Rods are products of the continuous development of CND. For the Gravity Competition Rods, they are based on great designs from Nobuo Nodera and Geir Hansen, and this time with Jarle Strandberg also involved in the process.


For this rod series we’ve used Gravity material, consisting of thinner carbon layers than previous technologies could allow. This material enables us to make lighter, more responsive rods with thinner diameters. A lighter top and thinner blank gives greater rotational speed and longer casts. Since the carbon fibres are thinner, we can also apply more layers in different angles to give extra stable blanks with suprising amounts of power in a very tasteful design.


Gravity rods give a unique feeling with great line control, flex and power that you simply have to try. Gravity competition rods are powerful tools, but they flex to the cork like any other CND rod. This is a necessity to enable the full power of the rod for the longest casts.

CND Gravity Competition 15' C1

This is the rod for those who want maximum power for extreme casting distances. We’ve got a feeling that soon, casts over 70 meters will be registered with this rod

CND Gravity Competition 15' C2

A bit «nicer» than the C1, with a slightly softer bottom section. Still plenty of power for very long casts

CND Gravity Competition 18'

This rod really showcases what can be achieved with Gravity material and high end rod design. It is hard to believe that a rod this long, light and thin can have such power and casting potential. 80 meter casts are there for the taking!