CND Competition Rods

CND has been the leader for setting new standards in both 15` and 18` competitions for decades. Each time we feel that we have created the ultimate rod, Nobuo keeps pushing the limits even further. The BIAS VERSA technology combined with Japanese top carbon ensures a rod with more horsepower than you probably can handle.

CND 15' F-1.5

If you are thinking about getting into competition casting, or just want a competition rod to practice with longer lines, this one is a good starting point. It is not as powerful as the F1 and F0,7 making it easier and lighter as a start-up rod.

CND 15' F-1

This rod was like a revolution when it came. It’s a working horse out of another world. Records has been set with this rod, and it currently holds the world record for the combined longest left and right cast in a competition. This is the rod Jarle Strandberg uses.

CND 15' F-0.7

The favourite of Mr Geir Hansen. This is the rod that holds the world record for the longest cast in the world: 65,5 m made by Geir Hansen. This is the Ferrari among the competition rods, it is so powerful you better put on your hours in the gym if you want to get out the full potential of the rod.

CND 18' GT Competition

Want to learn to manages the longest lines? Well, this rod will take you through it with ease. Nothing is more fun than speycasting with a 18′ rod. The rod is used by many of the best casters out there in competition.

CND 18' F-1

The formula one of spey casting, the rod that holds the record for the longest cast in the world in the spey casting scenery. The reserves of power in this rod is unique. This is the rod for the experienced caster who want to achieve the longest cast in the world.