BV GT Double Handed Rods

Born from its blue ribbon competition pedigree CND’s Bias Versa Giga Torgue fishing rods have evolved. World class in every way, these rods have reaped the benefits of our competition success the same way that passenger cars benefit from developments in formula one racing. Nobuo Nodera’s history of design genius combined with state-of-the-art materials have created the BV GT fishing rods. 

For years then BV GT rods have been the choice of the most devoted salmon anglers we know,  and these rods have gradually become a normal sight by Norwegian salmon rivers. Even though the new Gravity series represent a huge step into new materials, we are sure the BV GT rod will remain its cult status.

BV GT 12'8" - #5/6/7

The perfect small stream, small fish, summer rod. Floating lines and surface flies are the stuff of summer. Light and full flexing, yet powerful for its size.

€ 799

BV GT 13'2" - #6/7/8

A truly superb little rod with great allround capabilities. This rod is an absolute dream for surface presentations on summer waters. At the same time, it has what it takes to handle skagit type set-ups and scandi lines with sink tips and even light sinking lines when needed.

€ 829

BV GT 13'7" - #7/8/9

This rod is versatile. Sinking lines, skagit/sink tips with heavy flies all work like a dream. This rod truly shines with mid to long lines and the surface presentations required in summer. This rod covers the lion’s share of situations across all seasons.

€ 879

BV GT 14'2" - #8/9/10

A true all-rounder and our bestseller. This rod can do it all – high water, low water, dry lines, sink tips, sinking lines, short lines and long lines. If you need one rod to cover practically everything then this is the one for you. 

€ 899

BV GT 15' - #9/10/11

One of the finest 15’ rods ever built. It is a rod that can handle the toughest sinking lines or long belly lines with ease. This rod casts like a dream – light in hand, full flexing, yet with lightning fast recovery. In one word this rod is special. Perfect for big rivers and big fish, but a rod you can cast all day long.

€ 949

BV GT 16' - #10/11/12

If you want to fish your own «private» piece of water that few, if any, can cover then this is the tool. The «Thompson» is surprisingly light, yet truly powerful. If long casts and big fish are the name of the game then look no further.

€ 999