6-Piece Voyager GT Rods

Born from its blue ribbon competition pedigree CND’s Bias Versa Giga Torgue fishing rods have evolved. World class in every way, these rods have reaped the benefits of our competition success the same way that passenger cars benefit from developments in formula one racing. Nobuo Nodera’s history of design genius combined with state-of-the-art materials has created the BV GT fishing rods. If YOU want the best, here they are.

The 6-piece Voyager GT rod series is the perfect choice for the travelling salmon angler.

Voyager GT 14' - #8

This is a delicate fishing rod. Plenty of feeling and finesse packed perfectly into a rod. Action is deep, with a powerful top. It is stable and fast. Catching a fish on this rod is an experience you will never forget.

€ 899

Voyager GT 14'6" - #9

Easy to cast and incredibly versatile. Deliciously deep action and a stability that makes the rod feel like it is almost on “auto pilot”. This is a rod that can handle most conditions. If you want only one travel rod then this is the “go-to” model.

€ 949

Voyager GT 15' - #10

A slightly softer version of the 15 ‘GT 4 piece. An incredibly rugged and easy to cast 15 ‘. Possessing the glorious CND action – a rod that bends easy in the butt section coupled with a strong top section one comes to expect. The GT technology provides the recognisably fast and stable stroke through the rod. The 15’ Voyager GT gives no indication of stiffness often associated with traditional 6-piece offerings. Incredibly good rod either with floating, sinking or long lines.

€ 999